b or d ?

We have been practising our phonemes again this week. We have been focussing on ‘b’ and ‘d’ because they are tricky to recognise.

Some of us are getting very clever at writing.

We are continuing with our R Time programme, this is showing us good manners, how to work with others and how to think about another persons point of view. We do like the sessions because they are fun.

Reception will be taking part in the Children in Need day with the rest of the school.  We are having a wear spots to school theme, the spots can be on clothes or painted on faces.  We are asking the reception children to bring a teddy to school and we are going to have a teddy bears picnic (indoors) during the afternoon.

We would be grateful if anyone has any baby doll clothes that are no longer needed, our baby doll is little bit cold!

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