Awards Assembly

We had a very special assembly this afternoon where a number of awards were given out:  Subject awards, Class Superstars, 100% attendance, Confirmation Certificates and even a Pen Licence!

Here is a full list of our award winners:

Class Superstars:
Reception: Zachary, Hudson
Year 1: Leo
Year 2: Olivier
Year 3: Sara
Year 4: Liam G
Year 5: James
Year 6: Lily

Subject Awards:
RE –  Attainment: Josie (Y4), Progress: Zach (Y6)
Maths – Attainment: Caleb (Y6), Progress: Ellie (Y6)
English – Attainment: Olivia (Y6), Progress: Erin E (Y4)
Science – Attainment: William (Y4), Progress: Esme (Y3)
Geography – Attainment: Ha Eun (Y3), Progress: Erin O (Y4)
History – Attainment: Aden (Y3), Progress: Carey (Y6)
PE – Attainment: Niamh (Y2), Progress: Malcolm (Y6)
Computing – Attainment: Ffion (Y2), Progress: Helena (Y4)
Music – Attainment: Caleb (Y6), Progress: Freya (Y6)
Art – Attainment: Dominika (Y6), Progress: Dylan (Y5)
Design Tech – Attainment: Niamh (Y4), Progress: George (Y1)
Personal Development: Shakira (Y6)

100% Attendance Awards
Reception: Terrelle, Percy, Reggie, Bartosz
Year 2: James M, Etienne, Maria, Roman, Lottie, Alicja
Year 3: Eliska, Ha Eun, Alannah, Lola W
Year 4: Simeon, Niamh, Liam G, William, Malgorzata
Year 5: Kian, Muno
Year 6: Connor, Niamh, Freya

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