All Souls Netball Team strike again!

What a brilliant game! The Netball team came back fighting after the previous 2-2 draw against Saint Mary and Benedict’s before half term. We came up against them again as part of the Catholic Cup. The first quarter All Souls dominated and within 3 minutes had scored their first goal, with 1 minute to spare All Souls went back at it and ended the first quarter 2 up. Saint Mary and Benedict’s game back fighting and put up a tough fight against us, they placed 1 goal and kept on and on to overcome our defence. All Souls didn’t let it faze them as they came back in the last two quarters with the fight and determination we had been waiting for, they played brilliantly, connected as a team and drove up the score, finishing the game 4 – 2 and securing their place in the next stage of the cup.

Well done to the whole team for their determination, teamwork and enthusiasm despite the freezing temperatures. Special mention to Josie Ward who gained the Player of the Match for incredible determination and courage! Thank you to all of the parents and family members that supported. Very proud!

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