A wonderfully wintery trip!

Well what a fantastic trip we had today to Ash End Children’s Farm. The rain held off and we were even blessed with a little sunshine for the afternoon. We fed animals, met brand new baby piglets and chicks that were only 3 days old, balanced ‘junior’ chickens on our heads, met Santa’s reindeer, took part in a Nativity with a real life donkey (!), went to Santa’s house and received a lovely gift, ate lunch next to an open fire, measured ourselves next to HUGE Shire horses, saw a young bird of prey on his first practise flight and bounced on a gigantic air pillow! It was a busy, fun-filled day and we all had a great time! Enjoy looking at our pictures below.

The children were absolutely brilliant, well behaved and tried everything even when they were a little nervous. A member of the public commented on how lovely our children were and we agreed proudly, they were a credit to All Souls and their parents.

A lovely way to end a very busy term! Thank you!

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