Hello Everyone,

This week we have been talking about our families and also talking about what we look like. The children have made some lovely paper plate faces and playdough people, although some of these morphed into aliens and monsters! Today was Brighten Up Day and the children came in looking very colourful – thank you for your £1 donations and items of food and dry goods e.t.c.

Next week some volunteers are coming to spruce up our outdoor area and the children will also be planting bulbs for the Spring. We are looking forward to Open Evening on Tuesday so we can have a chat about how your child is settling into Nursery. Please be aware that this is only a five minute discussion and if you need to talk about your child at greater length then another appointment can be arranged for another day. We will continue to talk about ourselves and our families next week, discusing similarities and differences. This also ties in with Black History Month during October – if any of you have any African artefacts, fabrics, music e.t.c. which we could use in Nursery could you please let us know. We hope you have a good weekend!

The Nursery Team.

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