3d Shapes

This week we have been exploring 3d Shapes.  We have looked at cones, cubes, spheres, cuboids and pyramids.  The children have been bringing in things from home that are the same shape as the one we are looking at. We have also played lots of shape games.








We have been continuing to look at where we live and finding our homes on a map of Coventry.  We are encouraging the children to know their address.  They are beginning to understand it is important to know this in case they get lost.

The children really enjoyed the visit from the Bird man Alan and learnt a lot about birds of prey.  It was an experience to have an eagle fly over your head!

When we come back  it is Book Week and Reception will be joining in  with the dressing up,. This year it can be a favourite book character or pyjamas.

Have a great half term.

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