Harvest 2019

Year Six brightened up this harvest to build a brighter world!

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CAFOD believe in a better world, where no one lives in poverty and each of us can become the best person we can be. In a world without poverty, people have clean, safe water to drink and enough food to eat. Everyone has a safe home, children can go to school, and anyone who is sick can visit a doctor or nurse. CAFOD works together with poor communities around the world to end poverty and all of your generous donations today have really helped towards that goal!

  1. Niamh BRENNAN

    That was a lot of food that we bought in. It was a really fun day that we had.

  2. Emily CARTER

    This was a great day because of all the food we brought in. I can’t wait for the next non-uniform day!

  3. I thought brighten up for harvest was really good because we got to learn about people who do not have as much as us in the water ; also the people who have to travel far to get special stuff like water and other stuff we really need in our lives.so now I have learnt not to waste food and try give to charity’s asking for money!

  4. Madeleine DRAKE

    I think it was really good of us to bring in lots of food and donation the money went to Cafod and the food went to the food bank for the people that cant afford food or drink . It made me think about how lucky I am to have akses to safe water and food and that some people have to walk miles to get water .

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