Year 3 Hope, Right Angles and Being Engaged

A huge thank you to Coventry Engage team, Mr Alay, Mr Semi and Mr Donnelly. Over the last 6 weeks they have provided the children with some really ‘engaging’ lessons based on values. The lessons were fun, thought provoking, physically challenging and memorable.

Continuing our work on right angles, here are some of the children searching for right angles in the environment.

A week of hope during Advent. The children have been completing their Advent Kindness Diaries. Please discuss these with them over the weekend.

We ended a very busy, busy, week with a calm prayer service of Hope. We gathered around our own homemade Advent Wreath and created Hope Stars to remind us of the hope that the birth of Jesus brings to us.

thank you for your continued support.

Mrs McGovern & Miss McGinn



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