Hello Everyone,

What a wet week this has been! Luckily the sun came out this morning so we were able to plant our tomatoes, potatoes and a corgette plant – lets hope the slugs and snails keep away! Some of our beans have really sprouted so they have also been moved to the outside area. This week some of us have made butterflies out of fruit which were eagerly eaten at snack time, we have ordered things from the smallest to the tallest and we have started practising for our school assembly. Nursery are doing a joint assembly with Reception class which is at 9.15 am on Wednesday 22nd May if you are able to come along. As it is the month of May, in R.E we will be talking about Jesus’s mother Mary. It would be lovely if the children could bring in a photo of their Mum which we could photo copy and then hand back to you. We hope you have a dry weekend!

The Nursery Team

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