Science Day at Bablake

Look at how brave these children are! They touched pig heart, lung and liver at today’s Science Day at Bablake!

Year 6 – Belgrade Theatre and Vocations Mass (Thursday 24th May)

Thursday 24th May will be a busy day for Year 6 that will involve fancy dress at school, a trip to the Belgrade Theatre (for most children), the Football/Netball Rally (for some children) and ending with the Vocations Mass at St Patrick’s Church.

Children are invited to come to school wearing pyjamas to raise money for Cancer Research. However, it is very important that they bring their full school uniform to change into for the afternoon and evening events.

The class will leave school at around 13:45 and go to the Belgrade Theatre to watch Annie (14:30 start). After the performance has finished, we will take the class to McDonald’s at the Alivs Retail Park for dinner. School will provide a Happy Meal for each child, but if the children wish to bring a snack to have with their meal then they should do so. We will then take the children from Mc Donald’s to St Patrick’s Church which starts at 18:30.

Please make arrangements for your child to be collected from St Patrick’s Church, Deedmore Road, CV2 1EH at 20:00.

Netball/Football Rally

As you may be aware, Coventry Catholic Schools’ Netball and Football Rally will also take place on Thursday 24th May at the Excel Centre. If you child has been selected to represent the school then unfortunately they will not be able to attend the performance of Annie at the Belgrade Theatre. The Rally is an important event in the school’s sporting calendar and we are grateful for the commitment of the children who are representing the school.

The Rally will finish at approximately 15:00. Arrangements will be made for these children to be brought back to school and then taken to meet the rest of the class at Mc Donald’s at the Alivs Retail Park at 17:00 so they can go to the Vocations Mass from there.


If your child is unable to attend the Vocations Mass, please inform us and arrange for them to be collected from the Belgrade Theatre at 16:30.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to speak to me or contact Mrs Cannon in the school office.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Mr Marsh

Black Country Museum

We have had a fabulous day at the Black Country Museum.  The children were very well behaved and really enoyed the day.  We played with toys and had to decide if they were old or new toys and also whether they would have belonged to a rich family or a poor one.  We walked around the village and went on a barge, watched nails being made, visited a sweet shop, a hardware store and cake shop.  We found out that you had to go to the toilet in a shed in the back garden!  We also discovered why it was called the Black Country, sorry about the colour of our socks!   Below are a few photographs of the day with some more in the photograph gallery.   A big thank you to the parents that helped us today, without your help the children would not be able to experience these trips.

Children’s Mile

Children and parents finally completed the children’s mile this afternoon

. It was a much nicer day to run than the previously scheduled day in March which unfortunately saw the run postponed due to snow. Every child from the school had the opportunity to complete the mile and most of them did however only those who signed up initially were awarded a medal. I do have some medals left over so if your child signed up and didn’t receive theirs then please do ask.

Superstars – Friday 18th May 2018

Well done to all our Superstars!

Year 1
Thomas – for great maths work
Alicia – for great predicting and Science

Year 2
Etienne – for showing great concentration this week across all lessons!
Niamh – for showing good persistence in writing; checking and editing work to make it the best it can be.

Year 3
Hasan – for going to Reception to explain and answer questions all about Ramadan.
Ha Eun – for a wonderful piece of writing in literacy and her efforts to edit and improve it.

Year 4
Jan, Ethan, Molly, Simeon and Charlie – for creating a fabulous classification key to identify different living things in an urban habitat!

Year 5
Reuben and Muni – for showing kindness and patience and putting others before themselves in team games!

Year 6
The whole class – for successfully completing a week of difficult SATs tests, working hard and showing a lot of maturity all week.

Royal Wedding Celebrations

Don`t Year 5 look fab! We are all ready for the Royal Wedding – although we are starting to think our invites must have got lost in the post!

Thank you for all the snacks provided for this afternoon: we can’t wait to tuck into our royal picnic!

Year 5 Maths: reflection

Continuing with our shape topic, we introduced the concept of reflection today by reflecting objects across a line of symmetry (the skipping rope). We were also challenged to pose for the photos in a symmetrical fashion!

Quad Kids Result

Congratulations to the Year 3/4 children who took part in the quad kids athletics last week. 4th place is a fantastic result – well done everyone.

Well done Year 6!

Well done to Year 6 for successfully completing a tough week of SATs tests. They have worked tremendously hard and shown a great deal of maturity this week. The whole class should be very proud.

I also want to thank all of the staff at school for their support throughout the week as well as in the build-up to this week. Everyone has gone out of their way to help in any way they can, including giving up their own time to support the children. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and well done to you all!!