Disruption to phone lines

Please note that over the next couple of days, electrical work is being carried out across the school.  At various times during the day the school’s power will have to be turned off, at which point our telephone lines will go down.  If you are trying to contact the school and can’t get through, either to speak to the school or All Sorts, please use the following telephone number:

07939 314942

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of our wonderful Daddies, Uncles and


Year 4 hope you enjoyed their class assembly telling you all about the history of Father’s Day and what makes you all so special! Not only did they write their own words, they also made up their own songs which they sung whilst showing off their ukulele skills. Well done Year 4! 🙂

Year 6 homework (kind of)

Year 6 have a very brief homework task this weekend. They should follow the link below and watch the video titled ‘Taking Flight’ in preparation for writing a story on Monday. Children are going to write a short story that is loosely based on the video, but they should think of their own exciting adventures that the boy and Grandpa could go on.

They do not need to do any writing or drafting, only think of some ideas in preparation to begin on Monday.


Year 6 London Trip

We have just arrived back at the mini bus, the children have had a great time and are very tired.. We should arrive back at approximately 9:20pm, we will update you later on our journey.

Year 2’s Marvellous Medicine

Year 2 have borrowed an idea from a favourite book of ours this week. In George’s Marvellous Medicine, George creates a medicine to deal with his terrifying grandmother. Our medicines have been to give super-speed, fire breath or transformation powers depending on the blend each child made.

Children planned out a potion, choosing from exotic ingredients. We estimated how much liquid would fit into our containers, before carefully measuring each ingredient out. We poured, sloshed, dribbled and strained our way through the day before ending up with a delicious array of medicines. Reports back on the taste mentioned “cupcakes”, “popcorn”, “strawberries”, “a sizzling taste” and “fizzing blackcurrant mix”.

After our creations, Year 2 noted down a set of instructions so that should we ever wish to create these amazing concoctions again, we simply have to follow our own recipe.

Well done on a great day Year 2!

What a wonderful celebration day!

Year Three have had a brilliant day celebrating their Holy Communions all together. The mass was beautiful with the whole school there as witness to the sacrament the children undertook. We had professional photos taken in school and these will be made available for you to buy over the next few weeks. We then had some chill time and are now currently watching a film chosen by the children and digging in to ice lollies and doughnuts.

May I take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all the staff at All Souls who have supported each and every event. To the incredible children who read at the masses, helped to fold and print booklets, sang beautifully and made lovely cards for the children. To Mr Cooke who played the piano at the masses. To Father Michael for celebrating the masses with us and his support throughout the sacramental journey. To Mrs McGowan for helping to arrange our Holy Communions and her support throughout out faith journey. To Miss Fox for helping us to prepare and being a great support throughout this year. To Mrs Quinn who provided so much support, came to all of our sacramental preparation sessions and celebrated our Communions with us – Thank you for always guiding us down the right path.
Finally, to you, their parents who supported them throughout it all and for your continued support of our work here at school.

Year 6 London Trip

Update: Year 6 London Trip – 14th June 2018

As you are aware, Year 6 will be visiting London on Thursday 14th June (this week). I would like to update you all on some important parts of the day:

  • Children should arrive at school at 6:30am wearing full school uniform.
  • Please ensure that children bring a packed lunch in a disposable bag, this should also include a snack for them to have on the journey to London. As mentioned in the last letter, we will have dinner in London before returning to school. The cost of this in included in the price of the trip.
  • It is important that you complete and return the Edvis12 form, without this your child will not be able to come.
  • The SIMS AGORA link will remain open until Wednesday 13th June, please process the payment for the trip through SIMS AGORA by then.
  • If children would like to bring a small amount of money with them to buy souvenirs then they are welcome to do so, but it will be their responsibility to look after this and anything they buy.
  • We estimate that we will arrive back at school at 21:00, but will post updates on Twitter and the school website with a more accurate time.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to speak to me or contact Mrs Cannon in the school office.


Many thanks and kind regards,

Mr Marsh