Plant Dissections

To discover just how plants reproduce, Year 5 set about taking a whole bouquet of roses to pieces today.


By acting as observational scientists, we broke down each flower into its male and female parts to discuss how pollen is transferred from one flower to another.







Year 6 were fortunate enough to receive a visit from Deacon Owen today to talk to them about vocations.

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The afternoon began with Year 6 showing off all they already knew about vocations before Deacon Owen helped to fill in some blanks and take their understanding to a deeper level.

We discussed the roles of sisters, deacons and priests before meeting Sister Erin, Deacon Charlie and Father William to learn the difference between these vocations.

Deacon Owen was so impressed – as was I – with not only the children’s thoughtful and reflective responses to questioning but also the maturity of the questions they were asking.

We learnt that the talents and gifts that God gave us will help us to decide which way God is calling us to serve Him.

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Coombe Country Park

Year 6 had great fun visiting Coome Country Park today!

When we got there, we showed off how much we had learnt and really impressed John and Lucy, our workshop leaders!

We were then left a little disappointed as we found out we couldn’t get in the river because it had risen too much and so was too dangerous! BUT it was interesting to see how much the recent downpour of rain had changed the look of Coombe and the colour of the river! 

Despite the risen water levels, we still got to carry out our river study and of course splash in quite a few puddles along the way!

First we measured the width of the river, before trying our best to measure the depth of it and different points. We found it very difficult to keep the measuring stick still as the river was flowing so fast! The river was so deep, our measuring stick wasn’t long enough to measure it at two of our points!

Next came the task of measuring the flow of the river by dropping our very scientific equipment (wooden sticks) down one side of the bridge and recording how long they took to travel through the other side using stopwatches. Again, because of the increased flow of the river, which had picked up lots of debris (hence the murky coloured water!), this was more difficult to do and our sticks kept getting lost!

Ask us what we found out to see if we can explain what our results taught us about our study of the River Smite.

Finally, we got to go and visit the (overflowing!) pond and do some pond-dipping to see what kind of invertebrates we could find!

We had such a brilliant time in which we learnt so much in relation to both our Geography and Science units!

Visiting the Rain(y) Forest

Today, Year 5 enjoyed a trip out to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

On arrival in the morning we were quickly introduced to a variety of animals living in the rainforest across the world. We learnt about materials harvested and used in the rainforest and reflected on why the rainforest is such a vital ecosystem for humans.

We then had the opportunity to handle some exotic animals which can be found in tropical rainforest areas. Some of us were a little scared but brave volunteers handled stick insects, corn snakes and bearded dragons.


After a much-needed lunch, we set out on an expedition through many different climates contained within the glass greenhouses. Here we found an amazing range of plants suited to the many climates found on our planet.











  Moving through the afternoon, we explored an adventure playground area and many different plants suited to the rainy English weather.







Well done on brilliant discussion and behaviour throughout the day Year 5!

Year 6’s visit from the RNLI

Today, Year 6 enjoyed a visit from Paul and Lorraine on behalf on the RNLI. 

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We learnt about the bodies of water we have surrounding us, and the need for us to stay safe, despite not living close to the sea.

We were given stickers, badges and certificates to show what we learnt and help us to spread the message.

We also found out how this charity helps and what we can do to support them.During this extradorindary month of mission, we are going to think about what we can do as individuals and as a class to support them. Some suggestions so far include:

‘We could donate some of our pocket money.’

‘We should visit the RNLI shops when we go on holiday.’

‘Raise awareness about the charity and what they do.’

‘Hold a Fish Supper night (annual event).’

‘Hold a fundraising event in school’.

Harvest Festival

Today the Year One children sorted all of the food ready to send off to the food bank. They worked in teams of 6 to sort the items into the correct carriers. The children wanted to know who was going to get the food so we spoke with the children about people in need around Coventry and how we can help them.

Mrs Quinn and Mrs Langford, our chair of governors, came in to see all our hard work and were very impressed with how we had chosen to group the different donations.

Thank you again for your donations!

Girls Football

On Wednesday our Y3/4 and Y5/6 girls football teams took part in our first sports competition of the year. To start each team played 4 group games, they both played fantastically and managed to progress to the quarter finals.

Unfortunately, the Y3/4 team played against a very strong Templars side who beat them 3 – 0. Reaching the quarter finals is a great achievement for the girls as for all but one of them it was their first experience of playing in a competitive football match. Well done girls.

The Y5/6 team managed to get to the final beating Allesley and St Thomas More in the quarter finals and semi-finals respectively. The final was against Moseley and was an extremely close game. It ended 0 – 0 after full time so went to golden goal extra time. After some great play and tenacious tackling from the girls Josie from Year 6 hit a ferocious shot and scored the winning goal. Great performance from everyone and superb start to our sporting year.

Craft Club

As October is the month of the Holy Rosary, Craft Club made their own sets of Rosary Beads which they will now use in their class prayer times.

Year One’s Extraordinary Month of Mission

Year one have been thinking over the past week about their special mission this month. This October the Catholic Church around the world will observe an Extraordinary Month of Mission. The EMM is an initiative of Pope Francis. Its aim is to encourage all members of our Catholic community to recognise themselves as missionary disciples, working and praying together to share God’s love with everyone, everywhere. We decided that as a class we wished to complete a special service together to give back to our local community.

The children have said special prayers for those without homes and wanted to “make the homeless people warm”. To achieve this they have said they would like to give hats, gloves, scarves, warm socks, blankets etc. to the homeless people in Coventry. We would be very grateful for any donations to help the children achieve this and are in contact with a local homeless shelter so we can drop them off. We are looking to do this the first week of November so if donations could be brought in before this they would be gratefully received.