Year 6 History – Ancient Egypt

Year 6 had a great day today creating their own ancient Egyptian artwork. The class took on the roles of ‘scribes’, doing the skilled job of inscribing hieroglyphics onto their papyrus. After school it was the job of the slaves (Mr Marsh and Miss Quinn), to build the pyramid! The children also created their own Egyptian coffin artwork.

Here they are in action and some of the end results:

Superstars – Friday 13th October 2017

Sorry – a little later than planned – but a big well done once again to all our Superstars from last Friday.

Roisie – for wonderful maths this week and working super hard!
Nicholas – for working hard and having great behaviour

Year 1
Oliver – for working his hard and trying his best
Conor – for having a great attitude to school

Year 2
Ted – for taking responsibility for his learning by volunteering to finish work in his own time
Roman – for showing great effort by learning quick addition facts

Year 3
Lola G – for creating a model volcano for our classroom in her own time
Oliver – for completely changing his attitude to learning and behaviour for the better

Year 4
Darragh – for a much improved attitude towards his learning and making valuable contributions to lessons, especially RE
Emily-Mae – for being a caring friend, always helping others and never causing a fuss

Year 5
Aaron – for pushing himself to achieve
Zuzanna T – for applying herself and focusing in all areas

Year 6
Joshua & Rebecca for writing beautiful and thoughtful prayers for their prayer friends

Songwriting AND Ukulele playing!

Aren’t we just fab?!

Today, in our Ukulele lesson, Mr Evans set us with the challenge to create our own songs to the melody of Frere Jacques. Little did he know, we just LOVE a challenge!

Rocking On A Chair

We Love Year 4



Toxic Waste



It is Christmas 



Charlie’s Birthday 



In Year 4



Donkey Kong

The Red Sun phenomenon!

WOW! Did you all see the sun today? Year 4 were totally fascinated by it!

We all went outside to look at it closer and shared our opinions about why we thought the sun was so spectacularly red. After ruling out ‘the end of the world’, ‘the sun is falling out of the sky’, ‘the sun is burning out’, ‘it’s not the sun – its a meteorite!’, we finally decided that researching it would be the best option!

So, we came inside to Google what on our Earth was happening and found out that it was caused by winds pulling up Saharan dust! Because the dust is so high, light from the sun is scattered in the longer wavelengths, which is more the red part of the spectrum, so it appears red to our eye.


Year 4 are learning about the weather in Geography and the changes that take place within and across the four seasons. After creating a seasonal poem in groups, they then had the chance to go and create an autumnal picture out of our natural surroundings. The wind was strong today though so they had to be quick with their creations and choose the most sheltered area to display them. See if you can work out what they are:

Maths Treasure Hunt

I had great fun this morning completing our maths division treasure hunt.  Year 6 were fabulous at solving the division challenges and had to work together in their teams to race around the hall at speed.  In the end only one team could win the chocolaty prize, though – so a big well done to our winning team, who finished several minutes before anyone else!

The whole class have worked really hard at their division written strategies this week – and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them!

Football vs St Thomas More

On Tuesday the Y5/6 football team played their first game of the season against St Thomas More. It was a highly competitive game that ended 2 -2, a fair result on reflection.

The team started slowly and although they played some nice football saw themselves 2 nil down at half time.

After a quick pep talk the children reacted well and thanks to goals from Connor and Zach we were level at 2-2 just 2 minutes after the start of the second half. The game could then have gone either way with both sides having chances to win it late on.

Well played everyone it was a great game and a fantastic start to the season.

Player of the Match (Picked by St Tomas More): Connor

Thanks to Mrs Walsh for sending in the photos.

Netball Match Vs St. Osburgs

Well done to the All Souls Netball team who played their first match of the season against St. Osburgs at home tonight. The match was evenly fought which was reflected in the final score of 2-2.

Thank you to the team of Year Six players: Aila, Michael, Lily, Connor, Julia and Caleb. Every one worked hard throughout and for half of these players it was their first ever match. Congratulations to Aila for being a great captain and for being named as our player of the match by St. Osburgs. Thank you also to the two members of staff from St. Osburgs for umpiring the match.

Our next game is against St. Augustine’s, at home, next Tuesday.