As part of our Italy unit, Year 4 will be going to Pizza Express tomorrow morning to make their own pizza! All children need to arrive in school on time, in full school uniform, as we will be leaving at 9am. We will be travelling on the school minibus and will be back to school in time for lunch as usual. I hope the children will enjoy making & eating their own pizzas!

Monday morning assembly – Woodland Trust

This morning, we started to get excited as a school about the impending arrival of 200 saplings from the Woodland Trust, which are due to be delivered during November.

We listened to the story of the ‘Man who planted trees’ and talked about the importance of trees and how we, as individuals, can make a difference to the world.

During November, we will be creating our own school woodland area on a section of the school field and the children, with the help of adults from the community, will have the opportunity to plant trees which we hope will be around for generations to come.

We are also excited to be working towards the ‘Green Tree Schools Award’ this year and have our sights set firmly on achieving platinum status!


Silence and Chips!

Thank you to all children and families who attending the first session of Year 6’s preparation for Confirmation. We spent time in silence reflecting and talking to God before celebrating the start of this special journey together with some fish and chips!

Image result for confirmation

Our next session is ‘Fire and Stories’ on Saturday 10th November at 6pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Week 3 done and dusted!

I can’t believe we have already done three weeks in Year 2: it is flying by already! This week has been another busy one! We have been working hard on our place value knowledge and writing numbers to 100 in Maths and have been focusing on our sentence structure and punctuation in English. We have looked at the four countries that make up the UK in Geography and started our materials topic in Science. Perhaps our messiest lesson this week was our Art lesson, where we explored hot and cold colours – getting most of the paint on our hands by the looks of the pictures!


Switch off prejudice!

The highlight of our week was a visit from Anne Frank Trust! Image result for anne frank

We unpicked the following terms throughout a variety of activities:

Prejudice: pre-judging people without knowledge

Discrimination: acting upon your prejudice and treating people unfairly

Genocide: organised execution of people planned on a large scale

Stereotype: Labelling a group of people rather than considering each person’s individuality

Identity: who you are e.g. what you look like, your personal information, talents and interests, culture and religion.

Dictator: a ruler with total power over a country (Hitler, Kim Jon Un)

We used the Holocaust and Anne Frank’s diary entries to discuss the prejudice and discrimination she and many other Jews faced and which unltimately led to her death.

We then linked our learning to our curriculum unit of ‘Heroes & Villains’ and discussed how we can become heroes and challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination to make the future a better place.


Here are some questions for you to reflect upon:

– Why is it dangerous to stereotype?

– What groups are discriminated against?

– What things could make you a poor digital citizen?

– What things can you do to become a good digital citizen?

– What gift would you give to someone who was behaving in a discriminatory way?

A wonderfully windy week in Year One

We have worked really hard on our number formation this week and some of us are really getting the hang of it! Forming letters correctly will be the focus next week.

We experienced the wonderful season of Autumn first hand with the incredible wind and intermittent showers with sunshine. We couldn’t let the opportunity go by, so we had some time outside. We decided to collect up and play in our fallen leaves as well as doing a rain dance or two.

In English we have started to write captions from our class book and some children have shown off their beautiful handwriting skills!

Another busy week in Year One!
Have a lovely and rested weekend

Miss Corkerry

Superstars – Friday 21st September 2018

Well done to all our Superstars this week!

Well done to all of Reception for settling in so well!

Year 1
Jaromir – for a fantastic attitude to learning this week, going above and beyond what has been asked for. Well done!
Lukas – for a fantastic attitude to learning this week, going above and beyond what has been asked for. Well done!

Year 2
Thomas – for focusing well and trying hard in all areas of the curriculum.
Caitlin – for focusing well and trying hard in all areas of the curriculum.

Year 3
Lottie – for excellent behaviour.
Jacob – for showing perseverance even when he finds work tricky.

Year 4
Sara – for a fantastic effort in maths, answering questions during lessons.
Daniel T – for a fabulous effort during English lessons when writing his sentences.

Year 5
Isla – for great engagement with the Genesis story of Creation.
Liam LJ – for persevering throughout a week of tricky maths lessons.

Year 6
Gracie-May – for an accurately punctuated and emotive diary entry.
Niamh – for beautiful work in RE.

Kurling Season back up and running!

We thoroughly enjoyed our first Kurling session of the new season this morning.  Our new recruits were shown the ropes by our experienced players and it wasn’t long before the first (highly competitive) games were underway.  The Autumn term Kurling league will commence next week.  Who will be crowned champion!


Searching for Different Materials

Year 2 started off their new Science topic today by searching for different materials, in and outside the classroom. They looked at different objects, the materials they were made from and considered reasons why this material suited its job. Here they are in action!

Year 5 and 6 Class Mass

Year 5 & 6 came together today in a joint celebration of mass.

The First Reading from a letter of St Paul to the Corinthians reminded us that we are individuals but we also form part of a much bigger family and each have our contributions to make.

“Even so the body is not made up of one part but of many”

( 1 Corinthians: 12:12-13)

Thank you to all of those who contributing further to our mass through offering readings, bidding prayers, the offertory and altar serving.

Thank you also to those parents, friends and family who were able to join us.