Coombe Country Park

The sun shined bright for Year 6’s visit to Coombe Country Park today.

We began by learning some history behind the River Smite that runs through Coombe before showing off our knowledge about river systems and features.

The trip was then split into two parts. In the first half of the session, we got to get in the river and use our fieldwork skills to measure the width and the depth of it at different points.

We then tested the flow of the river by timing how long it took for a ball, stick and dog bone to travel from one person to the next and from this learnt which part of the river was flowing the fastest. We also learnt more about the river processes of erosion and deposition.

In the second half of the session, we got to go pond dipping to see what fresh water invertebrate life could be found within the park. We found many different creatures that lived in the pond such as a water boatman, red beetles, pond worms and a pond snail!

This trip was part of our geography unit on Rivers this term but also tied in well with our Science unit on Living things and their Habitats. We all had a great time and were very proud to receive such positive feedback from the staff at Coombe who contacted the school to commend the class on their exemplary behaviour and for being so engaged in the activities.

Well done for representing our school so perfectly, Year 6!




Year 6 are writers!

Year 6 have been experiencing what it’s like to be writers this week as they have spent many days planning, sequencing, drafting, writing and editing their stories based on ‘The Day of Ahmed’s Secret’ to show off all the grammar and punctuation skills they have learnt so far. I have been so impressed with their attitude towards this task, their increased writing stamina, proofreading skills and, of course, the outcome!

Here they are busy visiting different editing stations to improve their own work…

And, here are some snippets of their final pieces..

They should be very proud of themselves!

Mysterious happenings in Y3!!!!

Y3 arrived in class today to find Granny Wartnose missing and a chaotic mess!

Mrs Quinn, Mr Cooke, Mrs McGovern and Miss McGinn are most confused as to why this incident has occurred. Many theories are circulating but we have 33 budding journalists hot on the trail to investigate just what has happened. Watch this space for further updates!

Guilty or Not-Guilty?

Year 6 were lucky enough to take part in an enjoyable and informative ‘Justice’ workshop today. A visitor from the Coventry Magistrates court came and spoke to them about their job as a magistrate and introduced the children to a dilemma through roleplay. Roles such as magistrates, defence, prosecutor, legal adviser and usher were given out and the children took on different roles, following a script. Essentially, the children had to use all of the information gathered to decide if the suspect was guilty or not and if so, what an appropriate consequence would be. Ask them what their verdict was and how they came to that conclusion.

Year 6 are Scientists!

Year 6 are scientists! They have been looking at helpful and harmful micro-organisms and are currently trying to grow mould by observing 3 pieces of bread in 3 different conditions.

They also did an investigation involving balloons and yeast to find out if yeast is a living thing. Ask them what happened and what they found out!

Prayer Friends

Year 6 and Reception have been enjoying their prayerful time together on a Friday afternoon, during which groups of children from Year 6 take it in turns to plan, lead and deliver a shared prayer service. Each theme has been well thought through, with appropriate scripture being read and activities planned to support the children in Reception in understanding the theme.

Superstars – Friday 8th February 2019

Well done to all of last week’s Superstars!

Alannah – for concentrating in all areas and doing some great work.
Jack – for some lovely independent writing.

Year 1
Cameron – for being a resilient and confident learner who is able to go back and try again
Lyla – for completing a writing task independently using capital letters and full stops

Year 2
The whole class – for their superb behaviour while at Twycross Zoo earlier this week.

Year 3
Roman – for great 3D shape work
Nathan – for trying hard with presentation and handwriting

Year 4
Daniel T – for brilliant effort during Maths lessons this week
Laura – for being focussed and engaged during Maths lessons this week

Year 5
Erin E – for careful concentration on presentation during English lessons.
Dhilan – for excellent discussion during RE on who is a modern ‘Samaritan’

Year 6
Lucas – for showing more focus and determination in his learning this week
Jude – for super map skills when locating the source and mouth of key UK rivers

Y2 Assembly Reminder

Please join us if you can on Thursday (14/2/19) for our Valentine’ themed class assembly at 9:15am. The assembly will last approximately 20 minutes.

Please also encourage your child to learn their lines and the lyrics to the songs at home.

We look forward to seeing you there!